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  • The world, more than ever, needs high-quality experts in politics, international relations, diplomacy and security.
  • More than 20 years of tradition in education, science and research.
  • A unique study program in Slovakia - Security Studies.
  • Supported by strong partners such as the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic, the Ministry of Defense of the Slovak Republic and many others.
  • We focus on the job market needs of national and European institutions as well as public administration institutions and municipalities.
  • Work in top non-governmental organizations.
  • Do research in two Centers of Excellence focusing on national and international security issues.
  • Study and intern abroad.
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Why choose us?

The Faculty of Political Science and International Relations of the Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica provides a comprehensive offer of Bachelor, Master's and doctoral study programs in the field of Political Science and in International Relations.

At the Master's degree you can also study the study program "Security Studies", which is a completely unique program in the Slovak Republic. Uniqueness of the faculty is also demonstrated in the offer of joint study programs - double degrees which are taught in cooperation with universities in France, the Czech Republic and Serbia. Our faculty is also a partner to a unique study program called "International Relations in the English Language". The result of this program is that you get four separate diplomas from four separate universities - Masaryk University in Brno, Jagiellonian University in Krakow, University of Pécs and the Faculty of Political Sciences and International Relations in Banská Bystrica. Not bad right?

In addition to the professional knowledge, you will also acquire high-quality and wide- ranging language skills as we offer high level English, Chinese, Spanish, German, French and Russian classes.

And that's not all ... As a student, you have the opportunity to intern at several high ranking institutions at home and abroad as well as to spend a semester abroad at leading universities through the student mobility Erasmus+.

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The Faculty of Political Sciences and International Relations of the MBU boasts the largest number of non-governmental organizations working at a university in Slovakia. Students have the opportunity to solve practical issues of international relations and diplomacy, and to build a network of contacts already during their studies. In this way, one of the world's largest conference on international relations and security - GLOBSEC, and one of the largest security conferences in Slovakia - the Slovak Security Forum were established.

  • GLOBSEC An independent, non-partisan, non-governmental organisation committed to enhancing security, prosperity and sustainability in Europe and throughout the world.
  • Euro-Atlantic Center An independent, non-governmental organization comprised of students and young academics working in the field of international relations and security policy.
  • Center of Nations of Slovakia It is an independent, non-profit, non-governmental organization promoting the dissemination of the UN Charter ideas.
  • Deutscher Studentenverein A civic association connecting German-speaking students at the Faculty of Political Science and International Relations of the MBU.
  • EFPOLIT Association of Francophone Students with the goal of spreading awareness of the French language, culture, politics and the position of France on the international scene.
  • Student Council A student association that discusses and solves basic problems and challenges in all areas of student life, represents students in negotiation with the faculty leadership, represents students in relevant forums at home and abroad.


The main institutional partners of the Faculty of Political Science and International Relations of the Matej Bel University are the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic, the Ministry of Defense of the Slovak Republic, the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic, the Government Office of the Slovak Republic and the Representation of the European Commission in Slovakia. We consider the cooperation with state institutions to be a priority for the personal development of students as well as for the enhancement of the study quality at our faculty. In addition to the wide ranging offer of internships the faculty's long-term goal is to involve top leaders of these institutions directly into the pedagogical process.

Student Exchange agreements During the 20-year existence of the Faculty of Political Sciences and International Relations of MBU in Banská Bystrica, a network of partner institutions has been established throughout Europe. The most important partners are: the Università di Bologna in Italy, the Univerisdad Complutense in Madrid Spain, Charles University in Prague, Université de Paris X-Nanterre in France, Sheffield Hallam University in the UK, Universität zu Köln in Germany, Uniwersytet Warszawski in Poland, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in Belgium, University of Eastern Finland, and many others.


The faculty counts a number of successful graduates and you could become one of them. Many have succeeded in promoting diplomacy, international relations, civil service, top sports and sports diplomacy. We are proud of our graduates and their achievements, representing not only themselves and their faculty, but also the Slovak Republic. In these short videos you can watch interviews with some of our successful graduates.

Róbert Vass Founder of GLOBSEC
Danka Barteková Olympian and member of
the International Olympic Committee
Martin Klus Member of the National Council of the Slovak Republic

Student life

Sigma Phi Kappa
The Sigma Phi Kappa Brotherhood is a student organization located at the Faculty of Political Science and International Relations of Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica, it aims to create the best conditions for socialization of students. We organize various leisure-time activities to bring fun to everyone.

Faculty day
It is the culmination of the faculty football league and also a place where students, teachers and our precious guests meet and entertain. Accompanying events are goulash, football, various competitions, pub quiz, etc.

The main idea is to support students' cultural and social life, as well as to welcome freshman to the faculty. Beania traditionally takes place at the end of November. The tradition is that the representatives of the faculty administration are also participating in the Beanie.

Academic football league
It’s not just professional events that take place at the faculty, but also events to entertain. One of them is the Faculty football league, attended by all students and faculty members.

Ask a student

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Banská Bystrica

Banská Bystrica, the metropolis of Central Slovakia, is undoubtedly the city of students. In addition to top notch study programs, it offers you plenty of opportunities for trips, culture, entertainment, sports, relaxation, or history. The nearby surroundings of Banska Bystrica contain various sports facilities, picturesque villages with interesting history or even three spas. Or you can hang out with classmates in quality cafes in the historical downtown and then rejoin at a concert at the biggest club in Slovakia, which regularly hosts the biggest names of the Slovakian and foreign music scene.


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